Callout to sponsors

Welcome to the next Big Adventure! 


Since 2008 planting ‘green’ shoots has been at the forefront of Blackberry Fair's Campaign. Creating a unique day for Whitchurch in North Shropshire was always the goal, from the inspirational stories shared to music on the High Street celebrating the colours of Autumn.


Highlighting the important interconnectedness between people, their community, this beautiful planet and a balanced economy remains our driving force and despite the challenges we’re all facing, if Whitchurch’s grand day out in October stands for anything – it’s being able to exclaim the universal message – “We can achieve anything if we all pull together!”


From homelessness to Fairtrade, High Street economies to tree planting, wellbeing to the power of music, Blackberry Fair shows these things are all inherently connected by the passion of people who are investing in positive action for the greater good.  No matter how big or small the activity NOW more than ever is the time for us all to step up to the plate recognise what we can offer and help create a healthier World for ourselves, our kids and for future generations to inherit.


The challenges may seem enormous but a great place to rattle cages is right here in our own community. To achieve those goals requires sustained determination and the secret to that we believe sits squarely on the shoulders of ‘positive energy’ and having FUN.


We want 2019 to be another eclectically vintage year, from Zero Waste's return ensuring our foot-print is as light as you and I can make it, to the Wild Zone's all new Pedal Powered Stage where your efforts really will keep the Cuban Rhythms flowing.


As a call out to all Businesses, we are asking what can you do or are already doing that we can celebrate in combatting the needless impact of ‘single use pointless plastic’ It’s a campaign the public are crying out for, so help us turn Whitchurch into one of the greenest towns in Shropshire.


Below we've outlined some of the ways that you could help keep Blackberry Fair on the town's map.  We do hope you feel that the day is worth investing in!

Sol Cinema – £2350 

   The Uk’s smallest Bijou Solar Powered Cinema. Massively popular in 2018

Wonderbrass - £1000 

   Cardiff’s famous Community Jazz/Brass Band

Stages - £250 

   Have your business promote one of 4 event Stages:

Reaction Bike – £650  

   THE ALL NEW - Pedal Powered PA Stage Show

Festive Road £2100 

   Unique street theatre, brought Harminder the elephant in 2018

Acrojou – £2100  

   The Wheel House - Internationally renowned stunning and unique street performance

Swan Vesta Social Club – £450 

   Lively Cuban Band

Murmuration – £2000 

   The Disco that Time forgot

Hodman and Sally - £800

   Walkabout Characters

Jack the Jester – £400 

   Stilt-walking Master of Ceremonies

Panic Circus – £450

   Interactive street circus skills

Mary and the Mudlarks – £300

   Blackberry Fair's favourite musical feast

Jeep Johnson – £300

   1940’s Swingster

The Faerie Market – £1100

   Market Hall Attraction

‘Flamin Simple’ Carbon Capture. - £500

   An Audience with the one and only Mr Bees and Trees Paul Hand

Baked A La Ska – £1500

   Manchester's own 11 Piece Ska Band

Public Workshop Artists – £150 per leader

   Popular Interactive family Workshops

School Art Workshop - £800

   Each year we bring workshops to local schools to actively engage the town's youth


   Up and down the country our High Streets are having to reinvent themselves for a         new era and become a go to experience. Whitchurch may compete with neighbours       for cheese or canals but it possesses a unique characteristic of once being the home       of Tower Clocks.

   Blackberry Fair is thrilled to be working with Festive Road in Milton Keynes, the               company who bought us Harminder the Elephant to last year’s Fair. Blackberry Fair         wants to create a Clock for our time with its home right on the High St. It’ll be wacky,     colourful, full of fun, the go to visit when in Town.

   This year’s creation will be a fabulously bonkers prototype, a time-piece to connect         with all ages. The intention then to set about raising funds and create Whitchurch’s         permanent “Clock of Positive Intent” celebrating our story.

   This is a real opportunity to invest in Whitchurch and in the area. Help us create a         catalyst that puts Whitchurch and North Shropshire firmly on the Creative Map.