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Dave lock

I’m Dave Lock, and I’m a performance poet and musician. In my alter ego I spent much my scientific career researching the measurement of water pollution and determining its effect on fish and reptiles. Latterly, I was engaged on trying measure the effect of Antarctic ice-melt on Southern Hemisphere Ocean currents.

HOPE from the WILD.jpg


Pete Bogs didn’t like his name
Now he’s # C.O2le.
I asked him what the “C” stood for;
He said “it’s what makes the planet fool.
Sit down here, I’ll tell you of what has gone before
And of the horrors still to come, till you can’t take it anymore.

It took millennia to lay us down, the ferns and moss decay.
Down in the acid darkness the ancient dead were laid.
The sedges and the mosses, the grazing lands of beasts.
And all the time the Earth rolled on and nature was at peace.

But at last there came the humans and the killing had begun.
The curse that lies upon us now is by the hands of Man.
You cut us and you burned us, you let your cattle graze,
Until the acrotelm was lost; the archive was erased.

You brought machines to dig us up, to drain and bleach the land.
You planted crops, you planted trees, but you didn’t understand.
We were soaking up the CO2, we kept the Earth in balance;
So YOU could keep on breathing-it wasn’t just by chance!

But now, you see, it’s gone too far. You’ve taken all we had.
Let go the gas we had in store to satisfy your fads.
The temperature has got too high! Now the tundra starts to burn.
But the smell of mammoths burning is the fate you have to learn.

So fare thee well, humankind, we did the best we could;
But you’ve maimed us and you’ve killed us and you haven’t understood.
So fare thee well, humankind, we did the best we could;
And there’s NOTHING we can tell you now
That will do you any good”!!!


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